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Chanya Thanasakdipat
Chief Executive Officer

Thai Coconut Public Company Limited started its business operations based on the intention of belief that “If there is no Thai Coconut, there would be no highest quality of coconut products and no best coconuts to consume in the world.” From basis of these simple intentions transformed to our firm determination to volunteer to be the one who delivers quality products of Thai coconut directly from one of the best locations of coconut farms in the world to our customers. We always consider customers' safety consumption and environmental friendly with the highest quality standards in our production process and by products of food and drinks as well as transparency and good governance in doing business so that there will be a consistency in social development in all sectors and in the country.

Above all, the intention is to develop products that are recognized on an international standards as well as upholding the responsibility of returning good deeds to our country and its people. We help to develop and strengthen the value of the quality of life for all including coconut growers, employees, partners and local communities to have a better quality of life, well- being, and sustainability.

Value for Thai’s agriculture through research and development in line with preserving Thai coconut species to remain with Thailand.

Value to the nation and investors by taking part in creating opportunities, bringing prosperity sustainable economic sectors to the country. We intend to be a role model of a Public Company professionally that creates opportunities for the younger generation as well as contributing extensively to the investors in the stock market as a part of Thai coconut under its principle of good governance of transparency in auditing. This is the story of our pride of being Thai Coconut believing that "Thai Coco” is best quality product with world standards.



“We emphasize on sustainability and happily coexistence with concerned parties”

"To be world class leader of coconut product recognized by international standard." 1. Appropriate capital, quality products, swift &
    good service
2. Prompt delivery, develop customer satisfaction
3. Develop capability of supplier
4. Develop knowledge and ability of personnel
5. Responsible for society & environment


Our Factory

THAI COCONUT Public Company Limited is a manufacturer who produce products from coconut, which we transformed to various items such as canned coconut milk, pasteurized coconut milk, canned coconut juice / water, pasteurized coconut water, desiccated coconut and ready meals. Products from our factory is under company brand Of Thai Coco and Cocoburi. More over, we also produce products under the customer’s brand.

Apart from supporting consumer products, we produce for industrial group such as coconut milk, coconut juice etc. filled in aseptic bag, and produce fruit preparation for ice cream, yogurt, bakery factory and produce coconut milk, coconut juice and others fruit juice packaged by Hygienic UHT System.

since we have started business, we continuously grow each year. Our factory is located in Ratchaburi province on 156,800 Square metres, more than 700 employees, together with automatic machine, capacity 4,800 tons per month, registered capital 250,000,000 Thai baht, 100% Thai’s shareholder. Our brand is sold to domestic and international markets, most of them we produced for Export. We export to USA., Europe, Oceania, Middle East and Asia. The Export value is over 85% of our total revenues.

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